July 25-28, 2019

Orlando, FL | USA  



JUDITH MACNUTT is a native of Jackson, Kentucky. As a young girl, Judith would frequently observe her mother praying in their home for the hurting people who were drawn to her for help. Judith too began to experience a deep desire to help others. This led her to earn a Master’s degree in psychology at Eastern Kentucky University. Judith has dedicated her life to helping those bound by hurt, pain and trauma, that they may find freedom and wholeness through inner healing prayer. She is known and respected for her wisdom, love and compassion.  Judith first met her husband, Francis MacNutt, briefly in Jerusalem in 1975 and they married in 1980. That same year they co-founded Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. (CHM) now located in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2008, Francis named Judith his successor as President of CHM. (Francis now enjoys the status of President Emeritus.) As Director of Ministry and President of CHM, Judith oversees the organization, writes, teaches, and travels as a conference speaker.



THE REV. JOSH ACTON is the North American Director of the Order of St. Luke the Physician. As North American Director (NAD), Rev. Josh is the primary spokesperson and spiritual leader for OSL. He has pastored Episcopal, Anglican and Vineyard churches for over 27 years.  “Josh” is a leader in the healing ministry speaking regularly at conferences, retreats and workshops all over the United States and Canada. Most recently, Josh was part of an OSL team that traveled to Belize in Central America holding a healing mission and inducting members into the first OSL Chapter in Central America. He is also the founder and former Executive Director of the Center for Christian Healing, a Ministry to the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, TX.  Josh is author of A Powerful Joy: Lessons in Healing and co-author of Spirit Walk, and recently created the DVD series "The Battle Belongs to the Lord!" Basic Training in Spiritual Warfare. He is also the primary teacher in the DVD series produced by OSL, The 26 Miracles, which serves as a video version of the basic training for OSL ministry.

THE REV. DR. SHARON LEWIS, an Episcopal priest, member of OSL North American Board of Directors, OSL Chaplain, and a national and international speaker, author, and has been active in the healing ministry for over 25 years.  Sharon is founder and director of Amazing Love Healing Ministry, a nonprofit ministry focusing on Christian Healing.  She resides in Nokomis, FL and received her Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA and her Masters of Divinity degree from the University of the South: School of Theology, Sewanee TN. She also received a masters of Counseling/Psychology, Nova University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and a BA in Education from the School of New Jersey, Trenton, N.J.  Dr Lewis leads the Amazing Love Healing Ministry full-time bringing healing conferences to churches nationally and internationally, providing healing and training in healing. "I have been privileged to witness Jesus restoring of broken marriages and healing broken people for His glory in the United States, British Columbia, Rwanda, Uganda, Bolivia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic."  Sharon currently resides in Hanover, PA.



REV. DR. RUSS PARKER is the former Director of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation serving from 1995-2013.  As Acorn's International Ambassador, he was responsible for developing partnerships on listening and reconciliation in 12 nations ranging from Rwanda, Burundi, Hong Kong and the United States.  Russ is now the Director of 2Restore: Healing Church Wounds which exists to help churches to resolve and heal their legacies of unhealed stories and their issues and move forward in a renewed ability to flourish as God intends.  He  travels extensively around the UK and abroad, lecturing and teaching on issues connected with Christian Healing and Healthcare, Reconciliation and Church Transformation. He has a post graduate degree in Phenomenology and Theology from Nottingham University was awarded a Doctor of Divinity from Columbia Evangelical Seminary in the United States in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Christian ministry and for his many writings and his teaching abilities. He is currently a Chaplain for the Order of St. Luke in the United Kingdom.

OSL is a Christian community of faith, prayer and service. We are a fellowship of individual believers who come together to learn more about the healing love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and that healing in His name is still available for us to receive and to share with the people God puts in our path. We are clergy, lay people and health professionals who believe healing is an essential part of the teaching and practice of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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